The Enlightenment of Truth

“in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” (2Co 4:4 NAS)

At the speed of light (depending on internet connection) one can find access to any information that one desires to learn. As long as you can navigate a search engine, one has rare need of actual research, and study. In the age of “Wikipedia”, and “Google”, it is hard to actually find a topic that you cannot find everything about in a matter of seconds. Hear a name on the TV that you have never heard? “Google” it. Trying to figure out that restaurant you heard your friends talking about last week? “Yelp” away. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more and more “social” apps popping up day after day you can constantly see people’s opinions on every matter facing us today. Not sure what to think about the President’s latest “scandal”, just check out your Facebook news feed, and you can find out what Linda down at the local bakery thinks about it all. Wondering what kind of gossip your missing out on? You do not have to look far to find out everything you want to know about everything.

There once, during the “long 18th century”, was a time period known as “The Enlightenment”. During this time period you had philosophers like Isaac Newton, John Locke, Galileo, and more. These men were seen as pioneers for being objective thinkers to what the traditional thought process was. They wrote several articles that questioned the norm, most notably questioning the Catholic Church. This caused a lot of push back and even landed some, like Galileo on trial. Most of the works of these modern thinkers were banned books from the Catholic Church.

Many liberals today look at these men as martyrs for the “faith” of objective thought. Today, with anyone who can navigate a computer, you can question the norms of your society, and realize a world of controversial and different thoughts from your own circle. In some ways, without any real research to most of the thoughts put out there on the web, today could be considered a continuation of this “Enlightenment” time. However, one does not need to look far into scripture to realize that the folly of this argument, that enlightenment is in thoughts of man, is that true enlightenment is in “truth”. While some may feel that truth is objective, the reality is that a Christian knows full well the difference in “objective” truth of the world, and the truth of scripture.

Scripture is not hypothetical thoughts, but is truth in the “truest” sense of the word. I urge you to look to Jesus today, if you do not know Him as Lord, and allow yourself to see that true enlightenment comes from the scriptures.


Billy Crocker


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