Yes, I am a Christian

It is no longer, nor has it been for awhile now a positive thing in this world to call yourself a Christian. Of course, this is no different, and probably still lacks in comparison to the days of Acts where Christians were being drug through the streets.

However, there is no denying that between the assumption of every Christian automatically being a hypocrite and a bigot, to being shot in the head for being a Christian; and don’t forget ISIS starving, beating, and mass killing anyone that isn’t a Muslim, mainly Christians. It is not an easy world that believers live in.

I plead with those who are currently on the fence with Christianity to choose. Make known what side of the fence you are on, make it abundantly clear to the world where you stand. I plead with you to choose Christ. Not for me, but for you. You know that being a Christian does not mean that no ill will ever happen to you, so don’t live your walk in that way. The Christian life was never meant to be “easy” really. I certainly don’t get that impression when Jesus charges us to take up our “cross” daily and follow Him. I’m not extremely familiar with a real cross, but it doesn’t sound pleasant. Of course if we think of the context of the age in which Jesus said this, we would know that the “cross” was not a necklace you wore, or ear rings, but it was a means of torture.

So, do not dismay, Christians. Take heart, Jesus has overcome the world. Victory is the only end for those who believe, for those who can kill our body do not have control of our soul.


Billy Crocker


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