Goblins, ghost, and the loss of the innocence of our children

I completely understand the whole Halloween thing, as far as it being a “fun” holiday. However, my wife and I spoke long ago, before we even got married, about what we thought on the topic of Halloween costumes.

Today, we went for the first time in a long time to look at Halloween costumes, and it shocked me to see how small they have disgusting, immoral, non-Christian costumes. I get it that a part of the hype on Halloween is the “scary” part of it. However, I would not want my five year old to be dressed up like “bride of chucky”. Are you kidding me?

I love the fall, and have always loved Halloween. However, I would not want to show my children that when we are pretending, we can forsake our morals. The morals for this family, at least, has to be black and white.

Maybe the question would be, why would we be forsaking our morals by dressing up like, “bride of chucky”. Ask yourself if a murdering, crazy child reflects God at all. Maybe you can’t take the good with the bad, maybe we need to start skipping Halloween altogether. It’s just sad that anyone feels the need in the already messed up world we live in to make fun with the dead, especially at the sake of our children.




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