It is good to be back!

One of the things that I have always enjoyed doing is putting my thoughts down onto “paper”. I guess in today’s world that would be the same as what I am doing here. You can read about me in the bio section of my blog page, so I will not bother with the stories of my life. My prayer in this blog is that I could call the readers to a deeper understanding of their faiths. What has always broken my heart more than a non-believer almost would be Christians who have a shallow faith. In my studies here at Southwestern, you learn, that these people would be considered “folk theologians”. We have the amazing blessing of being able to read the inspired Word of God anytime we would like. However, how often do we do that? In a world that is in so much pain, how can we afford to continue to ignore what we truly need, a deeper relationship with the Father. This is my prayer.

In His service,



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